Sake Nation “First Sake Sampling Event Overseas in a Long Time - Part 4: San Fransisco”

By Kosuke Kuji

After the sake sampling event in Hawaii, I’m heading next to San Francisco in the U.S. mainland.  

My flight from Hawaii lasted just over five hours. I had forgotten that five or six hours of domestic travel time is normal in the states, which made it hard for me to relax during my flight. However, I arrived safely in San Francisco. 

“N.A. Sales Co., Inc.,” a distributor of sake Nanbu Bijin (“Southern Beauty”) in San Francisco, organized the restaurant expo at The Westin Los Angeles Airport for the first time since the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Sake manufacturers and breweries from Hawaii attended, along with breweries from Fukushima prefecture that missed the event in Hawaii but chose to attend the event in San Francisco with great motivation. The cost of living is known to be high in San Francisco, where the economy is not doing well. 

Some areas are known to be dangerous, so I was warned not to stay out and drink late. 

I was under the impression the economy was good in the U.S., and everyone is doing well, which I learned was false. I felt anxious from learning the truth, but my anxiety was quickly dispelled once the sampling event started. Many restaurant professionals attended and sampled the sake, with many restaurants adding the sake to their menu. I feel Japanese cuisine will continue to expand in the Bay Area. 

酒豪大陸「久しぶりの海外での試飲会 その4 サンフランシスコ」