Sake Nation: “Japan’s recovery at last from the Coronavirus pandemic” 

By Kosuke Kuji

Foreign nations led by the U.S. declared an early end to the coronavirus pandemic and returned to normal. 

In May, Japan will downgrade the coronavirus to allow regular hospitals, etc., to examine patients infected by the virus. 

Spectators and concert-goers in Japan can soon vocally cheer on athletes at sporting events and entertainers at live music performances through their facial masks, banned since the pandemic. 

From spring, facial masks deemed a symbol of the coronavirus pandemic among the Japanese can now be worn at one’s own discretion.    

Approximately a year and a half ago, Europeans vocally cheered on athletes at sporting events and entertainers at live music performances. Japan is finally about to reach this point as well. 

In the Japanese sake industry, major tasting events have started to resume. 

The Japan Ginjo Sake Association, where I serve as chairman, held a sampling event for a class of over 1,000 guests last October. 

Also, each brewery resumed celebrating their kurabiraki (warehouse opening) festival, etc., this year, inviting guests to the brewery to sample their latest new sake.  

Restaurants now greet considerably more guests since the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, lack of labor is a reason why restaurants cannot always seat customers to full capacity.

Japan is a nation where peer pressure is a strong social force. I’m truly happy to see the Japanese sake industry finally resume normal operations. Let’s get in step with the rest of the world so Japan’s economy will fully recover as well. 

Let’s go, Japan!! 

We’re a step behind, let’s catch up to the rest of the world!!