Sake Nation “A new way to promote Japanese sake combines a live-stream (2D) event with an in-person tasting (3D) event: Part 2”

By Kosuke Kuji

“The Japan Ginjo Sake Association” with over forty years of history held a new style of sake event that combines a live-stream (two-dimensional) event with an in-person tasting (three-dimensional) event.

Until now, Japanese sake was enjoyed as a personal, physical experience in a three-dimensional world.     

However, this collaborative event was organized with “VTubers” – virtual YouTubers with a large fan base across Japan and worldwide – for both real and virtual sake enthusiasts to enjoy sake together, especially Ginjo sake. Participating VTubers include “Tamaki Inuyama” of “Otokono-ko VTuber,” “Takuma Kumagaya,” caregiver of Inuyama; virtual maid “Mishiro Shirayuki,” and virtual artist “Yuzuru Himesaki.”        

Each of these four VTubers enjoy a large fan base, not only in Japan, but worldwide. 

When The Japan Ginjo Sake Association launched forty years ago, it was unthinkable that traditional Japanese sake breweries would one day collaborate with VTubers to promote their sake products. 

Although conventional customers of Japanese sake are well served, past sake tasting events are no longer sufficient to cultivate a new consumer base for Japanese sake.   

This dreamy collaboration was organized from this new global perspective, especially since these four VTubers were already Japanese sake enthusiasts to begin with. 

Please look forward to the details of this event to be reported in the next issue! 

The Japan Ginjo Sake Association Website:

酒豪大陸「二次元と三次元の融合による新たな日本酒の道 その2」