Sake Nation “Activities of New Sake Breweries: Part I”

By Kosuke Kuji

The Japanese sake industry developed as a regional industry long-established in ancient times. On the other hand, this industry is difficult to enter for beginners. New license to produce sake is nearly impossible to obtain, a controversial issue with arguments for both sides.

Meanwhile, new sake breweries do emerge in Japan. Since a new license to produce sake is impossible to obtain, a different corporation typically emerges to rescue a closed sake brewery in many cases.
One such case is Choshu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., based in Yamaguchi prefecture, producer of “Tenbi.”
Choshu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Yamaguchi prefecture) was founded when Choshu Industry Co., Ltd., capitalizing on their photovoltaic (PV) power generating system, emerged to rescue Kodama Brewery that had already ceased sake production. Choshu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. welcomed a female master sake brewer (my junior colleague), a graduate of Tokyo University of Agriculture, Department of Fermentation Science; to regroup as Choshu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. and produce a new sake brand “Tenbi.”
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The female master sake brewer is passionately and carefully thorough in her excellent sake production skills. The quality sake “Tenbi” produced the first year after the new brewery was built garnered many headlines nationwide.
Since this sake cannot be produced in large volumes yet, export to the U.S. is not available. Since Choshu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. is still a new sake brewery producing a rare new brand of sake with a delicate and delicious flavor, please try “Tenbi” if you see it in Japan on a store shelf.

酒豪大陸「新しい酒蔵の息吹 その1」