Sake Nation “Sake Parties Resumed in Japan”

By Kosuke Kuji

The novel coronavirus outbreak prompted the cancellation of sake events throughout Japan for nearly 3 years.
Measures to prevent the spread of the virus are no longer enforced since March. No behavioral restrictions were imposed during the May Golden Week for the first time in 3 years, with more than double the number of people visiting their hometown and traveling compared to last year.
Since restrictions to spread the virus were lifted in March, the sake industry held the “18th Sake Festival in Nakameguro.”
Originally an outdoor event, this year’s event was held outdoors as well. Many sake fans gathered to attend the first major sake event in years.
Of course, measures to prevent the spread of the virus were set by the Japanese government to hold events safely. Many breweries came out to Tokyo wearing masks to engage in lively discussions with customers about sake, the first step in returning to normal.
The weather was a concern for outdoor events up until the coronavirus pandemic. Many customers especially prefer to enjoy sake leisurely indoors, rather than outdoors. Although not many, more outdoor sampling events will likely be held in the post-pandemic world.
During Golden Week, my sake brewery sponsored 2 sake events in Tokyo. Our independent sake party was the first to be held since the coronavirus outbreak. Registration was instantly filled to capacity and the event was successful. Since thorough measures were in place to prevent the spread of infection, no clusters occurred from any of the events.
In the future, measures need to be set in place to continue preventing the spread of the coronavirus while actively organizing sake events, etc.
The ban on business trips overseas will soon lift, I’m looking forward to it.