Sake Nation “Sake Brewery and Fire: Part 2”

By Kosuke Kuji

The previous issue covered how the Yuki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. in Ibaragi prefecture burnt down.
The greatest concern for any sake brewery pertaining to fire hazards is the fire may spread to nearby private homes and corporations.
Fortunately, this has not been an issue with fires in recent years as sake breweries expanded their premises.
The next concern is old buildings on the brewery premises could quickly burn down in case of a fire. The storage house, etc., is especially filled with yeast. Burning down all these microorganisms cultured over time is another concern.
Although money can be spent to build a new brewery, all the microorganisms that lived in the brewery up to the fire cannot be revived, a significant loss.
Further, some sake products may survive the fire. Could sake products recovered from a fire be sold? There was no place to store sake products miraculously recovered from the fire when the Yuki Sake Brewery burned down.
Thankfully, a neighboring brewery kindly volunteered to store the recovered sake products.
Further, the clean-up after a fire is also challenging. Thankfully, aspiring sake brewers and fans volunteered from nationwide to help the brewery’s clean-up efforts, which offered another insight into the beauty of how the Japanese are connected through sake.

*The Sake Brewers Association is collecting donations for Yuki Sake Brewery Co., LTD.
To donate, please reference the information below:
Bank Name: The Joyo Bank, Ltd. Yuki Branch
Savings Account #1502819
Account Name: Shinketsu-Shuzo-Kumiai



常陽銀行 結城支店
普通 1502819
真結酒造組合 (シンケツシュゾウクミアイ)