Sake Nation “Beijing Olympics & Paralympic Games and Japanese Sake”

By Kosuke Kuji

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics were held this year.
The festive mood seemed to continue as the games were held approximately six months after the Tokyo Summer Olympics was postponed a year ago. It was great to see the event held with thorough coronavirus measures in place.
Japanese athletes competed well. The greatest winner was ski jumper Ryoyu Kobayashi from Iwate prefecture, who garnered a Gold Medal when he ski jumped a normal hill.
One of the games that highlighted Japan during the Winter Olympics and Paralympics was curling.
Japan won a Silver Medal in Women’s Curling, a record-breaking victory.
Curling is interestingly linked to alcohol.
In Europe where curling is popular, many curling rinks have bars. After a game, local custom dictates the winning team buys the losing team drinks, which I found impressive.
Further, athletes consume snacks during breaks in the middle of a curling game.
In foreign curling rinks, spectators enjoy alcoholic beverages while viewing a curling game in some cultures.
Although sports and snacks seem not to be connected, I’m impressed by the connection between alcoholic beverages, bars, and curling.
In Japan, curling is widely popular in Iwate prefecture, where a local municipality is considering the construction of a curling rink. I hope a bar will be constructed onsite for spectators to savor Japanese sake while enjoying a curling game. Further, I hope the winning team will buy the losing team a round of local sake, a custom I hope will get passed on in the future.