Yashiori (Pressed) Sake

Yashiori sake is the first sake mentioned in Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters), Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan), “Kiki-shinwa” (Mythology) in “Yamatano-orochi: Eight-headed, Eight-tailed Serpent.” “Ya-” (eight) means “many times, repeatedly,” while “yashiori” means “to press.”

Rice and malted rice are prepared as fermentation-mash, filtered with a cloth before placing the rice and malted rice back into the fluid with the sake lees removed. This procedure is repeated several times to produce sake high in alcohol content.

Although a few disadvantages of this sake brewing method include high-viscosity of the fermentation-mash and the lengthy time required for the pressing process that warms the sake. Still, this sake brewing method is much more advanced than the “Amano-tamukezake.”
An even more advanced sake brewing method is the “Multiple Fermentation Method” (three-step preparation method for the fermentation-mash), widely used between the 11th ~ 12th century.


さらに進んだ醸造法としては、11~12世紀に一般に用いられるようになった「酸(とう)法」 (段掛(だんがけ)法:現在の三段掛も同じ)がある。