Compatibility between Sake and Japanese Cuisine

In this issue, let’s discuss the compatibility between sake and Japanese cuisine.
The flavor of sake enhances the flavors of Japanese cuisine and vice versa, a compatible combination that produces a synergistic effect that enhances both flavors.
Complex in flavor, Japanese sake is easy to pair with any cuisine and optimal as an alcoholic beverage to enjoy during meals.
Sake is compatible not only with Japanese cuisine, but various cuisines worldwide such as Italian, French, and Chinese cuisines, complimenting without overpowering distinct, subtle, and strong flavors or aromas.
Therefore, there are no rules for pairing sake like there are in wine. However, some are compatible in flavors while others are not. What are the guidelines to ensure good compatibility between sake and cuisine?
First, sake and cuisine with similar flavors produce a synergistic effect that enhances the umami flavors in both.
In other words, sweet sake pairs well with cuisine with sweet flavors, while refreshing sake pairs well with cuisine with refreshing flavors.
Second, sake and cuisine with different flavors can combine to create a new flavor. The combination produces a new flavor not present when savored individually.
Third, the sake flavor enhances the flavor of the cuisine, or the cuisine enhances the flavor of sake, where one enhances the flavor of the other. On the other hand, sake can inhibit the oily; bitter flavors in some cuisines while enhancing the preservability of the cuisine, another way that sake pairs well with cuisine.