Sake Nation “NON GMO Certification: Part 3”

By Kosuke Kuji

This report is a continuation from the last report, the last report on NON GMO certification.
Currently, many non-Japanese consumers worldwide enjoy Japanese sake and cuisine because they like Japan, know friends and family associated with Japan, have a working relationship with Japan, or for various other reasons.
These consumers enjoy sake during meals like wine. Of course, some consumers enjoy sake for its health benefits or simply for its delicious flavor.
However, consumers with such preference are very few according to non-Japanese nationals worldwide. Thinking of ways to entice other non-Japanese consumers to try Japanese sake and cuisine will be crucial to ensure the future of Japanese sake.
Overcoming the language, religious, racial, and dietary barriers (taboos) is crucial for Japanese sake to become a true internationally consumed alcoholic beverage.
One way for sake to become a true internationally consumed alcoholic beverage is to attain Kosher, vegan, and NON GMO certification.
“Safety, Security, and Purity.” Qualities expected for food products by Japanese nationals are ’visualized’ for all consumers by attaining this international certification.
Reliability is earned by attaining thorough certification from third parties. This certification could also be the first step to lower the threshold to introduce the appeal of Japanese sake flavors to consumers with low interest in Japanese sake.
Of course, there are various other strategies as well. However, I believe it’s important for Japanese sake to be consumed overseas to visualize the appeal of Japanese sake.

酒豪大陸「NON GMO認定 その3」

前回からの続きになります。今回でNON GMOのお話は最後となります。
そのための方法の1つがコーシャやヴィーガン、そしてNON GMOなのだと思います。