Japanese sake type - Differ according to the combination of flavor and aroma

Knowing the type of Japanese sake helps to select sake according to your purpose.
The diverse characteristics of Japanese sake brewed across over 1,500 sake breweries nationwide vary greatly in flavor, even within the same brand, depending on the ingredients and production method used.
There is no definite flavor characteristic of Junmai or Ginjo for example, as some are sweet while others are dry. Also, sweet sake flavor further varies widely in richness, fruity sweet, or refreshingly sweet, etc.
Therefore, various classifications are possible depending on your chosen criteria. For example, the rice polishing ratio could be another reference point to narrow your sake type. The lower the rice polishing ratio, the more refreshing the flavor. The higher the rice polishing ratio, the stronger the flavor.
Sake can also be classified according to how you enjoy your sake.
Some sake types are more flavorful when enjoyed chilled, while others are more flavorful enjoyed hot.
Refreshing sake and Ginjo are delicious chilled, while rich sake like Kimoto-Junmai is delicious hot.