“Business Projects Introduced Online by Sake Breweries during the Coronavirus Era: Part 3”

By Kosuke Kuji

Since Japan’s nationwide state of emergency declaration ended, gradual efforts started to recover the economy while stopping the spread of the coronavirus. Along with Japan as the Japanese continue to fight the novel coronavirus; the world is also experiencing shutdown fatigue.
In Japan, those who don’t quarantine voluntarily face harsh online criticism by the “quarantine police,” with many criticizing others unnecessarily, indicating a notable rise in mental illnesses among the Japanese.
In a time when no one knows when the shutdown will end, maintaining a sound mind may be difficult.
Is there a way to heal the minds of the Japanese with delicious sake? Japanese sake rejuvenates both the body and the mind. Sake breweries reflected on how to heal the minds of the Japanese through delicious sake.
The answer reached was “kanpai” (cheers!).
“Kanpai” is a gesture of toasting to celebrate joyous occasions or when socializing, a gesture to fulfill a “wish” or “desire” to “pray for ○○.” Examining the current state of the world, we discussed the need to “kanpai” to “pray for an end to the novel coronavirus pandemic.”
Sake breweries, shochu and Awamori distilleries, etc., are spread across 47 prefectures throughout Japan. We decided to unite as one and create a video of us toasting “kanpai,” praying for an end to the novel coronavirus pandemic. The title of this video project is “Let’s Connect! A Relay Across 47 Prefectures Throughout Japan,” showing sake brewers pouring sake in various regions from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and ends with a kanpai together with all participants and viewers watching.
This video project was a major success, met with interview requests from various TV stations across 47 prefectures. YouTube views exceeded 10,000 views. Let’s unite hearts as one across Japan to overcome these difficult times and kanpai together with a smile once the novel coronavirus pandemic ends.

「コロナ時代の蔵元の発信事業 その3」