“Business Projects Introduced Online by Sake Breweries during the Coronavirus Era: Part I”

By Kosuke Kuji

The novel COVID-19 coronavirus is sweeping across Japan and worldwide. In the midst of the pandemic, one Japanese sake brewery started a business to revive Japan.
Since March when the coronavirus infection started to spread, many sake breweries started to stay home nationwide.
Usually, March is when newly produced sake is completed as sake production dwindles down, and many breweries start to make their rounds visiting customers to introduce their new sake.
Sake breweries make their rounds to ask various industry professionals for feedback sampling their new sake. However, the breweries cannot make their rounds this year.
Therefore, sake breweries decided to start a discussion amongst them and launched a weekly online sake-sampling event, “Online Brewery Sampling Event,” on Sunday nights on Zoom. Initially launched with few attendees, the network of breweries expanded to include more breweries over time.
Initially, there were negative discussions surrounding various concerns from anxiety and impatience. However, the tide changed to a positive direction visualizing the world after the coronavirus pandemic and what sake breweries could do to prepare.

「コロナ時代の蔵元の発信事業 その1」