Japanese Sake and Shochu Cocktail

By Yuji Matsumoto

It's somewhat wasteful to use a high quality local regional sake for a cocktail, but if you use one that doesn't have too much of that full or rich taste when drank alone or doesn't have the distinctive smell of rice that many Japanese sakes have, you can make cocktails by adding fruits or syrups that brings out a surprising deliciousness.
For this issue, let me introduce you to sake and shochu cocktails that are also easy to make at home.

Nigori Sake and Peach Juice
3 oz. nigori sake
1 oz. peach juice (nectar family)
0.5 oz. peach syrup
Mix the above items with ice, and pour into a well chilled martini glass.
Its look will also be pink and popular cocktail with the ladies.

Pomegranate Martini with Japanese Sake
2 oz. Sake
1 oz. Shochu
1 oz. pomegranate juice
0.5 oz. pomegranate syrup
Mix the above items with ice and shake well in a shaker. Pour into a well chilled martini glass. It has the distinctive sourness and bitterness of pomegranate that is a cocktail fit for adults.

Shochu Grapefruit Mojito
2 oz. shochu
1 oz. sake
0.5 oz. yuzu juice with no salt
7-8 mint leaves
0.5 oz. syrup (ratio of 2 sugar to 1 hot water. Stir until completely dissolved and chilled until it reaches
room temperature)
Add the above items and grind down the mint with a muddler. Add ice and pour into a glass and dilute with club soda.
The fresh aroma of yuzu, grapefruit and mint is the characteristic. Caution is needed due to tendency to over drink.



3 oz. にごり酒 
1 oz. ピーチジュース(ネクター系)
0.5 oz. ピーチシロップ 

2 oz. 日本酒 
1 oz. 焼酎
1 oz. ザクロジュース
0.5 oz. ザクロシロップ

2 oz. 焼酎
1 oz. 日本酒
0.5 oz. 無塩ユズジュース
3 oz. グレープフルーツジュース
7~8  ミント葉
0.5 oz. シロップ(砂糖2に対してお湯1の割合。完全に溶けるまで混ぜ、常温になるまで冷ますこと)