NHK News Program “Today’s Close-up”
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NHK News Program “Today’s Close-up”

By Kosuke Kuji

Japanese sake is a central product in “Cool Japan Strategy” implemented by the Japanese government and increasingly featured recently by many media outlets both domestically and abroad.
One such program is a very popular TV program on NHK, “Today’s Close-up” (
NHK “Close-up Today” is a news program that features social problems to the latest trends garnering much attention. This program delves deep into one theme at a time to report on the latest “today” on many themes domestically and abroad to date.
“Today’s Close-up” covered Japanese sake in November 2019.
I was interviewed in this program along with sake brewers expanding from Japan into the world market, American nationals producing sake in New York, and Japanese nationals producing sake in France, introducing the latest “today” surrounding Japanese sake from various angles.
Through meticulous interviews, many conducted overseas, this program features how Japanese sake is popularized worldwide, along with commentary on the future outlook for Japanese sake.
Studio guests included the chairman of the Japan Sommelier Association, very knowledgeable about Japanese sake; Shinya Tasaki, who started the “Sake Diploma” certification for Japanese sake with the Japan Sommelier Association; and various messages about Japanese sake.
Among these guests, the chief executive officer of “Dom Pérignon” took on the challenge to produce Japanese sake in Toyama City showed how Japanese sake is becoming more familiarized worldwide.