"New Sparkling Japanese Sake [Awa Sake]" Part 3

What kind of sake is "awa sake"? Not all sparkling Japanese sake can be referred to as "awa sake", but only those 'certified' by the Japan Awasake Association are referred to as awa sake. An external research institute entrusted by the association certifies awa sake.

"Awa sake" is defined as:
1. Japanese sake produced from rice *1 and rice malt,
2. Sake produced using 100% domestic Japanese rice, ranked as grade 3 or above by the Agricultural Produce Inspection Law,
3. Sake using only naturally produced carbon dioxide while brewing *2,
4. Clear sake, forming a line of foam when poured into a container after opening the bottle,
5. Alcohol content is 10 percent or above,
6. Gas pressure is 3.5 bars or higher at 20°C *2 (0.35 MPa)

*1 No regulations stipulated pertaining to Junmai or rice polishing ratio
*2 Quality standards for secondary fermentation inside the tank or bottle are stipulated as follows:
1.) Stable aroma and quality at room temperature for 3 months or longer, and pasteurized.
2.) Carbon dioxide excluding gas used to replace the gas inside a pipe or container.
Only sake that meets these requirements qualifies to display the "awa sake" label and sold as awa sake.

In summary, awa sake is clear sake produced inside the bottle by secondary fermentation with high gas pressure similar to champagne, produced only from rice, water, and rice malt, then pasteurized.
Comparable to champagne, produced as sake to toast with worldwide, awa sake is highly recognized in contests since the association was founded in 2017.

「日本酒の新スパークリング【awa酒】とは その3」

1. 米※1、米こうじ及び水のみを使用し、日本酒であること
2. 国産米を100%使用し、かつ農産物検査法により3等以上に格付けされた米を原料とするものであること
3. 醸造中の自然発酵による炭酸ガスのみを保有していること※2
4. 外観は視覚的に透明であり、抜栓後容器に注いだ時に一筋泡を生じること
5. アルコール分は、10度以上であること
6. ガス圧は 20°Cで 3.5バール※2(0.35メガパスカル)以上であること
※1 純米であることや精米歩合については規定しない
※2 二次発酵についてはタンク内でも瓶内でも規定内とする
1.) 常温で3ヶ月以上、香味、品質が安定していること。また火入れ殺菌を行うこと
2.) 炭酸ガスは、配管及び容器内のガス置換の目的で使用するものを除く