"New Sparkling Japanese Sake [Awa Sake]" Part 2

President Nagai of sake brewery “Mizbasho” in Gunma prefecture developed a production method inspired by champagne that produces new sparkling Japanese sake by secondary fermentation inside the bottle, producing clear sake that is then pasteurized. Nagai acquired a patent for this production method combined with traditional Japanese sake production techniques in 2008.
Selling sparkling sake under the product name Mizbasho “PURE,” President Nagai was working hard on his clear, sparkling Japanese sake similar to champagne commonly toasted with - produced by secondary fermentation inside the bottle and pasteurized for worldwide transportation - as his next step to enter the global market.
However, blazing the trail alone to develop this new sake genre poses many challenges. Rather than facing these challenges alone, Nagai dreamed of recruiting members and forming a large team to develop his sparkling sake together, to introduce this new sparkling sake for the world to toast with.
Therefore, I was called upon as a long-time friend of the same age, also pursuing the same goal to expand overseas. Since I shared the same ambition, we collaborated together and produced the new Japanese sparkling sake “Awa Sake,” and founded the “Japan Awa Sake Association” in November 2016 to distribute this product.
Currently, our association consists of twenty-one sake breweries, each working on various projects to introduce and distribute our new sparkling Japanese sake both domestically and abroad.
Our next issue will describe the characteristics, etc., of “Awa Sake” in greater detail.

「日本酒の新スパークリング【awa酒】とは その2」