Josui Ramen: Hugely popular ramen in Nagoya, a simple taste derived from nature
Josui Ramen: Hugely popular ...

Josui Ramen: Hugely popular ...

Josui Ramen: Hugely popular ...

Josui Ramen: Hugely popular ...

Josui Ramen: Hugely popular ...

By Keiko Fukuda

The two words, “Nagoya” and “ramen”, were not linked together in my mind.

Then, in May of 2019, a friend, who is from Nagoya, asked me to go to this Nagoya-originated establishment with me, which just had its grand opening. That was when I first recognized Josui Ramen. Here, in Los Angeles, it has been a while since the popularity of tonkotsu ramen settled in, and lately, shoyu ramen is also gaining attention. This Josui Ramen’s signature ramen is, however, shio ramen. Besides shio ramen, their menu also contains shoyu ramen, miso ramen, tantan men, and yusoba. However, I thought that I could not judge how good they really were unless I tried the signature dish. So, I ordered the Josui ramen, which had a flavor so tender and deep.

After the visit, I often heard from my acquaintances saying, “I went to Josui Ramen”. I wanted to find out how well they had been doing after their first launching in the US, so I visited them again a while after the grand opening.

Three people, Mr. Yasuhiro Maruyama and Mr. Hiroya Morikawa, the partners/owners of Josui Ramen America, and Mr. Tomohiro Maehara, the chef sent from the Nagoya headquarters, welcomed me. I found out that the Josui Ramen chain is so enormously popular that they have won No. 1 status in various ramen ranking contests in the Tokai region of Japan. Chef Maehara, whose family in his hometown runs a ramen restaurant, had visited as many ramen restaurants as possible, and then decided to work for Josui Ramen. I asked him what part of Josui he found attractive. He answered, “You usually cannot separate ramen from the use of synthetic seasoning, but Josui’s ramen is made only with all natural flavors. You can taste the goodness of natural ingredients with Josui’s ramen.”

In view of launching a full-fledged business in the States, Josui Ramen started to participate in ramen fairs held in Orange County, etc., a few years ago under the direction of Mr. Tateo Araki, CEO of Wildwood co. Ltd, their management company. Convinced of a firm possibility of success felt there, they were looking for a location in the Los Angeles area. The present location in Torrance was introduced during that time when the building was unused due to renovation. The owner of the property is Mr. Maruyama, who runs a restaurant/karaoke bar next door to the present Josui Ramen, and another one in Lomita, an adjacent town. Maruyama-san wanted to join the launch of Nagoya’s Josui Ramen in the US, and decided to invest in it, and then Mr. Morikawa joined in its operation by being called by Maruyama-san.

This restaurant had a soft opening in the fall of 2018, and experienced some hardship before finally making the grand opening. I asked Mr. Maehara, who worked for 6 years with the Josui Ramen business in Nagoya, about the difference of the US from it. He said, “First, the water is different, so we installed a machine to make the water soft. We also struggled to find chicken that could produce good dashi. We continued the search of good enough chicken, and were finally able to find it through the help of a Japanese American company.” He said, that they have reached the stable and consistent taste now.

Only in America, they offer vegan ramen on the menu. They newly added this item, which doesn’t exist in Nagoya, knowing that there are many more vegans in the US than expected. Konbu is used for shoyu ramen, and soy milk is used for miso ramen.

As of July of this year, 60% of the customers are Japanese. All 3 say the same thing. “We came here to convey the authentic taste of Nagoya ramen, so we want to increase the ratio of the local customers from now on.” In order to realize the purpose of “conveying the real ramen taste to America”, they must be looking for the possibility of further development of the chain, I thought. I asked them about it. Each gentleman passionately spoke about their thoughts on Josui. Mr. Maruyama said, “I aim for conquering the whole US, but I would like to firmly stabilize this Torrance location first. I am expecting some after-Karaoke crowd since we are right next to it.” Mr. Morikawa said, “I’d like many people to know that there is such simple, but delicious ramen besides tonkotsu.” Mr. Maehara said, “I’d like people to taste our ramen made with so much care and particularity.”

名古屋の大人気ラーメン 自然由来のシンプルな味わい







Josui Ramen
2212 Artesia Blvd
Torrance, CA 90504

(310) 505-5124

11:30am-2:00pm, 5:30pm-9:30pm

Closed Tuesdays