Governor notified of achieving No. 1 in Japan!

By Kosuke Kuji

Hidetoshi Nakata, former professional Japanese soccer player representing Japan, is serving as executive member and judge for the contest “SAKE COMPETITION 2018” that judges the most delicious commercially available sake in the world. During this competition, Japan ranked No. 1 in the Junmai Daiginjo category, and also No. 1 in the Sparkling Sake category (leading the competition in two categories), along with garnering No. 1 in the Sparkling Sake category also in 2017, thus the we went to deliver the good news of our 2 consecutive titles to Takuya Tasso, Governor of Iwate Prefecture; and to Jun Fujiwara, Mayor of Ninohe City, Iwate Prefecture. The Governor stated many supportive comments!

To ensure a bright future for Iwate Prefecture and Ninohe City where depopulation continues, and for Nanbu Bijin will continue to thrive, we will continue striving to actively grow with ongoing efforts to producer higher quality of sake. We will continue our efforts to also help Iwate Prefecture and Ninohe City.

Also, we will continue our efforts to make the No. 1 most delicious commercially available sake widespread across Japan and worldwide to ensure they are enjoyed by all! Thank you for your continued support!


サッカー元日本代表の中田英寿選手が実行委員会や審査委員をしている、世界一おいしい市販酒を決めるコンテスト「SAKE COMPETITION 2018」において、純米大吟醸の部で日本一、スパークリングの部で日本一(2冠達成)、さらにはスパークリングの部は2017年も日本一でしたので、2連覇達成をした報告を岩手県の達増拓也知事に二戸市の藤原 淳市長と一緒にご報告に行ってきました。知事からもたくさんの応援コメントをいただきました。