“Best in the World! International Wine Challenge (IWC) Champion” Part 2

By Kosuke Kuji

Nanbu Bijin Tokubetsu Junmai uses Iwate prefecture original sake rice “Ginotome” produced by Ninohe city, Iwate. This “Ginotome” was developed by the agricultural team headed by Mr. Ryouichi Itsukaichi of Kindaichi, Ninohe from the period of experimental growing. Then we did experimental brewing at our company, had the rice certified as the original sake rice of Iwate prefecture, and have worked hard hand-in-hand together with the farmers. For the Tokubetsu Junmai that takes pride of the ultimate ‘terroir’ (meaning ‘land’ in French) to surely shine as the champion sake using the rice of Ninohe, clear water of Orizumebasenkyo in Ninohe, and brewed by a brewery in Ninohe has to be a miracle created by a small town of little over 28,000 people. It has been proved that …made in Iwate … made in Ninohe … is the world’s best.

We have achieved this wonderful prize, but this is not the end of our goal for Nanbu Bijin, this will be the start to polish our family precept of “Quality First” and achieve further development. We are placed in the responsible position of future Japanese sake and will work even harder than before to build an age for all Japan to try Japanese sake. We will not stop improving and work harder than ever to do better. I want to thank all the people that have been supporting us and report our victory of receiving the IWC Champion Sake Award.

“Cheers with Japanese Sake Around the World”