“Best in the World! International Wine Challenge (IWC) Champion” Part 1

By Kosuke Kuji 

At this year’s International Wine Challenge (IWC) 2017, “Nanbu Bijin Tokubetsu Junmai” is honored to win the “Champion Sake” title!!

From all the entries of total 1245 brands from 390 companies including foreign brands in 9 categories, the brewery master of the first prize (trophy) winner of each category came to the awards ceremony in London and just only one sake would be selected as the Champion Sake from 9 first prizes (trophy). You can see the reason why the champion sake of IWC which is the first prize (champion) from 1245 entries would be named the #1 Japanese sake in the world.

I received the first prize (trophy) for Honjozo last year and attended the award ceremony in London for the first time. When Dewazakura Sake Brewery Co was announced as Champion Sake at last year’s ceremony and while I was watching president Nakano from behind who was representing the future of Japan and walking onto the stage, I thought: I would like to bring this championship back to Nanbu Bijin, have Brewery Master Matsumori along with manufacturing staff that have been working hard until now and all supporting staff to feel the pride and excitement that their work lead them to become the world’s best, and show my appreciation to Iwate prefecture and Ninohe city that has brought us this far.

I certainly didn’t believe that my dream of these thoughts would become a reality. It was the reforming and efforts to improve the sake quality these last few years and result of persistent challenging that has lead us to this achievement. You can also say that the Nanbu Bijin team became as one to win this ultimate achievement.