Joy of Sake Tokyo

By Kosuke Kuji
"The U.S. National Sake Appraisal" that has been held every year since 2001 was held again this year. Entries of over 350 sakes are evaluated by 10 judges from Japan and the U.S. After the judging results, a "Gold Award" and a "Silver Award" is given to the top scored sakes, and additionally a "Grand Prize" and "Second Grand Prize" are awarded to the sakes that scored the highest in overall evaluation from the gold awards. 

This year's grand prize and second grand prize are announced on our homepage.

Of those winners, we are excited that our company's Tokubetsu Junmai won the Second Grand Prize in Junmai category.

The award ceremony will be held at "Joy of Sake" in Tokyo.  Also, "Joy of Sake" was held in New York and Honolulu besides Tokyo.

It is a fact that "Joy of Sake" has a very long history, and out of all these cities, this one to be held in Tokyo will be the last gathering.  To be held in November, it is a time when it is getting extremely cold in Japan and it's a very good season to enjoy drinking sake. 

To be held in Gotanda in Tokyo, there is a lot of excitement with lots of Japanese and foreigners living in Japan attending.

There are many different sake gatherings in Japan, but there are probably only a few of them like ours with so many foreigners attending.

This is a meeting where you can find out the trend of sake around the world while you are in Japan.

There are sakes introduced by U.S. breweries recently and you may call this an evaluation meeting of worldwide scale that is very much alive.

It's the same for sake category of International Wine Challenge (IWC), sake is being evaluated in different ways worldwide, not only in Japan, many new people are coming to the meetings to enjoy sake, and I can only help but feel that Japanese sake is becoming the sake of the world.

酒豪大陸「JOY OF SAKE 東京」



この表彰式は、全米日本酒歓評会出品酒を楽しむ会「JOY OF SAKE」の東京で表彰されます。東京以外にも、ニューヨークとホノルルで今年は「JOY OF SAKE」が開催されました。

とても長い歴史を実は持っているこの「JOY OF SAKE」ですが、東京での開催はこれらの都市の中でも最後の開催となります。時期も11月ということで、まさに日本は寒さが厳しくなり、日本酒が恋しい季節に行われます。