Innovative store that offers new-wave yakitori in kaiseki style
Innovative store that offers ne...

Innovative store that offers ne...

Innovative store that offers ne...

Innovative store that offers ne...

Innovative store that offers ne...

By Aya Ota

Lately, people are raving about the NoMad district of Manhattan. NoMad stands for North of Madison Square Park, and it covers the area of the whole north side of Madison Square Park. The district used to be under the spotlight for being between Midtown and Downtown, but due to the recent uprising with designer hotels, sophisticated restaurants, and boutiques, the street scenes and peoples’ attitudes there are rapidly changing.

In this district, a restaurant with a new and unique concept, yakitori kaiseki, called “Teisui” opened. This is also the one and only Japanese-owned store in the district.

Mr. Masahiro Hase, Representative Director of All Frontier America Inc. which manages the store, says, “I wanted to do something that only this unique district can provide”. The store name, “Teisui”, was taken from the long-established Inn, “Teisui” in Akita prefecture in Japan operated by the same company. Another reason is the fact that New York and Akita are both situated at 40° North Latitude.

Mr. Nobuaki Watanabe, Chef de Cuisine continues, “We cannot survive the competition by doing the same thing as other yakitori shops in New York where many yakitori specialty stores exist. The concept, yakitori kaiseki, is pretty innovative already, but more surprisingly, their yakitori are prepared very differently from the traditional way which is flavored with tare and salt.

One of their dishes, “Tori-Momo Couscou” is grilled chicken thigh accompanied by couscous, mashed potato, and fried eggplant. The creamy couscous and sweet and spicy tare (yakitori sauce) matches and enhances the chicken perfectly to create a splendid harmony.

Mr. Watanabe says, “I would like to offer the kind of dishes that are not only delicious, but also have a surprising twist.” He always strives for creating dishes that would satisfy your full 5 senses.

The first item that appears in the course menu is “Hassun”, which is an image of smoking volcano, which is created by pouring Gyokuro-tea over dry ice to grab the customers’ heart quickly with its visual and fragrant effect. Each of the beautifully arranged 4 kinds of appetizers has a unique texture and kick, and keeps you discovering something new, and being impressed.

The last course item, “Ishiyaki TEISUI” is a local dish from the Tohoku’s Ojika region, created by the fishermen. This is a dynamically prepared item; in the miso soup served in a cedar container, raw seafood and green onions are thrown in, then a burning hot stone is thrown in! You enjoy watching the miso soup suddenly boil up, and the accompanying sound and the nice smell. Then, you taste the concentrated umami of the ingredients. It is just so impressive.

Chef Watanabe has an experience in working as the director/chef of a popular TV cooking show in Japan. He also used to present his excellent skills in a famous restaurant in Canada. These past experiences may have contributed to today’s success in his ingenious and creative performances.

Many customers are actually shocked about such an unusual yakitori concept at first, but by the end of the 10-course meal, they are well absorbed in the newness, and feel satisfied. Yet, some still wants traditional yakitori with salt and tare-sauce, so they also offer a a-la-carte menu to accommodate such customers.

They are also the first store focused on the style of Akita local cuisine to be different from other yakitori places. The interior has a classy and historical ambiance of the traditional Japanese Inn which is where the name of the store came from, where the Emperor of Japan once stayed. They also offer the same quality hospitality.

Once again, a new food culture has been added to New York! They are planning to offer a new course menu every season. Let’s look forward to new exciting surprises in the coming seasons!


近年注目を浴びているノマド地区。ノマドとは“North of Madison Square Park” の略称で、マディソン・スクエア・パークの北側一帯を指す。ミッドタウンとダウンタウンの間に挟まれて見逃されがちだったこの地区だが、近年、デザイナーズホテルや洒落たレストランやブティックが登場し、街並みも人々の雰囲気も急速に変貌を遂げている。

この地区に、“焼き鳥懐石” という、これまでになかった独創的なコンセプトの店、『Teisui』が登場した。日本人経営の店としてはこの地区唯一の存在でもある。


「焼き鳥を出す店が多く存在するニューヨークでは、他店と同じことをしていては生き残れない」と、料理長を務める渡辺宣考氏が続ける。“焼き鳥懐石”というアイデアも画期的だが、タレや塩を使った従来の焼き鳥とは違い、 さまざまな食材やソースと組み合わせて食べることに驚かされる。





246 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10001
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Mon.-Sat./ 5:30pm-10:30pm