Enjoy the Seasonal Items of Autumn

By Yuji Matsumoto

There are a lot of delicious foods that become available in autumn. Representing fish would certainly be sanma (pacifice saury) and katsuo (bonito).

For vegetables, it would be mushrooms and eggplant etc. Whichever item you choose goes together just right with Japanese sake. Regards to Japanese sake, there is a draft sake fermented this year called 'hiyaoroshi' that is hard to get overseas but can also be seen on the market.

Seasonal items in autumn are relatively high in fat and many dishes are well seasoned. For Japanese sake that goes well with those foods would certainly be Junmai or Kimoto. Also, many of these sakes are delicious hot which makes them suitable for different dishes.

If it is a lightly seasoned dish then a chilled Junmai would go well with it. If it is a rich dish then the flavor can be balanced with hot Junmai sake. For regional sakes, Junmais of Nada region, Hiroshima, and Hokuriku (northern area towards the Japan Sea) are full body, Junmai of Tohoku area is slightly fruity, and many in Hokkaido and Niigata are smooth and dry.

Even if you are living abroad, with the proper connections in most cities you should be able to find seasonal items of Japan and be able to cook some fine dishes. Hope you will be able to enjoy seasonable items of autumn of your choice and Japanese sake.