Becoming a trend setter in a very short time
Becoming a trend setter in a ...

Becoming a trend setter in a ...

Becoming a trend setter in a ...

By Aya Ota

The “Zuma” group has opened 10 contemporary Japanese restaurants all over the world in the cities such as Hong Kong, Istanbul, Dhaka, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, and Rome since they opened the first location in London in 2002. In the United States, following the first location in Miami in 2010, another one opened in the Midtown district of New York in January of 2015, which has already become a trend setter almost immediately.

“To me, cooking is the same as languages. Cooking is communication”, says the executive chef, Oliver Lange. He was already interested in cooking at a tender age. There was a sushi restaurant in the neighborhood where he grew up, which got him familiarized with Japanese cuisine. Later, he toured all over Japan to learn about Japanese cuisine, and was deeply influenced by the Japanese food culture.

While he was expanding his career and gaining excellent reviews as a chef worldwide in Munich, Frankfurt, and London, he met Rainer Becker, the founder of the Zuma Group, at one occasion, and ended up becoming the head chef of the Group’s London restaurant. His superb ability got him promoted to Executive Chef of Zuma in New York in September of 2015, only several months later.

At “Zuma”, you can enjoy modern and elegant Japanese cuisine evolved from traditional and philosophical Japanese culture. In order to create a casual relaxing atmosphere despite of the high-end rich looking interior, the izakaya style of serving was chosen. The dishes delivered one by one from any of the three different sections - the sushi bar, the robata grill, and the principal kitchen - can be shared with your family and friends at your table. For those who are not familiar with izakaya style dining, your server is most willing to explain or answer questions. Many of the customers prefer “omakase” style ordering.

In addition to the standard menu items shared by all the Zuma restaurants worldwide, each one offers different items based on the local ingredients and favorites. Here in New York, there are some original items such as “Freshly Seared Wagyu Sirloin Tataki with Black Truffle Ponzu”, “Saikyo Miso Bun with Uni”, “Grilled Octopus, Lemon Chili Sauce and Yuzu Pickled Fennel”, “Smoked Chutoro, White Asparagus and Yuzu Shallots”. Chef Oliver’s newest creation, “Black Cod Marinated in Saikyo Miso with Wasabi Citrus Sauce” is superb. As he says, “I love to combine miso and citrus flavors”, he delivers this favorite combination of Japanese ingredients well in this dish by gently and flavorfully grilling the thick piece of black cod filet in magnolia leaves, and enhancing its flavor with Saikyo miso sauce mixed with wasabi and citrus juice. The Sankyo miso used in this dish was created specifically for this restaurant. They carry more than 150 different kind of sake. “Zuma Ginjo”, brewed exclusively for the Zuma Group by a brewer in Akita prefecture is a very smooth one.

As described in the words of the founder, Mr. Rainer Becker, “Zuma is about a complete dining experience”, and the interior of the restaurant is definitely included in its concept. As you step into the 2-story, 9,959 sqf of luxurious space, it overwhelms you. The natural materials such as wood and stones used generously and accentuated by Japanese motifs create a gorgeous yet relaxing ambience. The main dining room on the first floor has an atrium style ceiling, which gives an open feeling. The tables are far apart, and some are very private. The second floor lounge provides an intimate and comfortable space. You can get a customized service in one of the 6 private rooms for a party from a meeting to a cocktail reception. This modern and functional interior space was designed by a Japanese architect, Noriyoshi Muramatsu.

The Group is in the process of opening another one in Las Vegas by the end of this year. “Zuma” is definitely the kind of restaurant you should try.




 『Zuma』では、日本食文化の伝統と哲学を重視しつつも、現代的かつ優雅に進化させた料理の数々を楽しめる。高級感あふれる店内でありつつも、くつろいだ雰囲気で過ごしてもらいたいという想いから、居酒屋スタイルを採用。3つのセクション、 “寿司バー”、“炉端グリル”、“メインキッチン”から次々と運ばれてくる料理を、友人や家族とシェアできるよう考慮されている。居酒屋スタイルに不慣れな客には、サーバーが丁寧に説明するほか、“おまかせ”を用意し利用する客が多い。

 日本酒も150銘柄以上取りそろえている。秋田県の蔵元が特別に醸した「Zuma Ginjo」は喉ごしが柔らかく格別の一本だ。



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