Choosing the Right Japanese Sake

Choosing the Right Japanese Sake for Your Restaurant
By Yuji Matsumoto

In this issue, I would like to mention a few pointers regarding how to select Japanese sakes that match your store.

1. Is the price set to match the average customer's spending amount?
If customer spending is about $30, please check if the price is set at least at about $6 (20% of customer spending) per person. For a group of 2, check if you have a product (300ml - 500ml) that is about $12 to $15. For this example, it is necessary to have product selections that are reasonably priced.

2. Is the sake truly compatible with the food?
I went to a yakitori restaurant the other day but most of the Japanese sakes were famous brands that didn't go well with the yakitori. You're not offering sakes that go well with the yakitori and hard to sell due to the higher prices.

3. Offer domestic Japanese sakes at a great extent.
The U.S. made 1.8L house sake at most restaurants are used for hot sake, but in reality there are some that taste even better served chilled. Also, compatibility with dishes are broadened and feel it's a worth a try.

4. Offering sake at Happy Hour
Try selling as a set. If an appetizer is about $5, consider selling it as a set with chilled sake at about $12.

5. Reconfirm servers' training
Don't forget the steady efforts to offer Japanese sakes to the customer when you take the first drink order.

6. Use of the white board
Write down special sake(s) of the day, special food items of the day etc.
If you have an 'omakase', make sure to include Japanese sake or shochu.



1. 平均顧客単価に合った値段設定になっているか?

2. 料理との相性が本当にあっているか?

3. ドメスティックの日本酒を大いに活用する。
ほとんどのレストランでは、アメリカ産18L のハウス酒は、熱燗となっているが、実は、冷やして飲むと格段に美味しくなるものもある。また、料理との相性の幅も広がるので試してみる価値はある。

4. ハッピーアワーの活用

5. サーバートレーニングの再確認

6. ホワイトボードの活用