Tokyo Skytree and Japanese Sake

Tokyo Skytree and Japanese Sake

Tokyo Skytree that has become a very popular tourist destination even in Japan.
Many Japanese tourists visit it but many foreign tourists are also visiting it these past few years and it is really bustling.

Tokyo Skytree is the world's tallest free-standing broadcasting tower and the height of the tower reaches 634 meters (2080 feet). It also has an observation deck and being extremely busy at grand opening, admission to the observation deck by reservation basis was just like for people only winning a platinum ticket by drawing.

This Skytree and Skytree Town is still extremely crowded these present days and they have become new showplaces for Tokyo and Japan.

Within the new shopping street of "Tokyo Solamachi" that is adjacent to this Skytree, there are many specialty shops from around Japan but to my surprise "Hasegawa Saketen" a local sake specialty store that sells shochu and quality Japanese sake moved in.

They are selling local sakes that are made from the heart starting with Nanbu Bijin and from all around Japan at this hottest spot in Japan.
You can do taste testing and there are resident professional staff that are knowledgable of sakes and shochus to make this also a pleasurable place to buy sakes.

If you come back to Japan for business or plan on sightseeing, I think it would be fun to tour the Tokyo Skytree and buy distinguished local sakes of Japan to bring home to the U.S. as souvenirs etc. at Solamachi.

I am most appreciated from my heart that Japanese sake is being sold naturally at leading sightseeing spots in Japan.


日本でも大変有名な観光地となりました東京スカイツリー(TOKYO SKYTREE)。日本人観光客もたくさん訪れますが、近年、外国人観光客も大勢訪れて、大賑わいです。

東京スカイツリーは世界一高い電波塔(the world's tallest free-standing broadcasting tower)で、タワーの高さは634mにもなります。展望デッキなどもあり、グランドオープン時には大変な混雑と、予約制の展望デッキへの入場は、まさに抽選で当たった人だけのプラチナチケットとなっています。


そんなスカイツリーに隣接する「東京ソラマチ」(TOKYO Solamachi)という新しい商店街には、日本中の様々な専門店が入居していますが、ここに何と日本酒、焼酎など本物の日本の酒を販売する、地酒専門酒販店「はせがわ酒店」(Hasegawa Saketen)が入りました。

南部美人(Nanbu Bijin)をはじめ、日本中で手造りの、心を込めた地酒が、日本の今一番ホットなスポットで販売していただいております。